As a coach, you can't always be present with your clients. With you can.

Align can help you do far more with your coaching efforts.

    Align can help you reach your coaching business goals

  • Do your clients have strategic priorities that are "must get done"?
  • Does your clients' entire team have clear visibility to priorities and progress towards them?
  • Do the leaders know, qualitatively, how aligned the priorities of everyone are with the company's priorities?
  • Do your clients have the ability to see, in real time, the adoption rate of what you are coaching them to do?
  • Align will help your clients grow their businesses with priority management and team engagement!

When your clients' businesses grow, your coaching business grows!

Use the software as an extension of your coaching business. Coach your clients without having to physically be there, saving you time and effort.

You can increase the number of clients you can work with by as much as 40%*

    Align has many benefits to you, the coach

  • Based on our experiences, you can increase the number of clients you coach by as much as 40%*
  • Speed up your clients' implementation of the Rockefeller Habits by as much as 30%*
  • Participate in your clients' Daily Huddles without having to physicially be there
  • Know what's happening in real time so you can coach in real time
  • Be the coach in the room without having to be there. Align Serves this additional accountability function.
  • With the coaches corner get a snap shot of all your clients and high level view of progress
  • Be different, be on the leading edge and coach using technology that shows you are up to date
  • With our revenue sharing program, receive 10% commision on all your client's subscription fees.

Registering as a Coach is Simple!

Step 1
Register as a coach
using the simple form below
Step 2
Sign in and use Align at no cost to you to operate your own business
Step 3
Attend a coaches only webinar to learn how to use the software to coach your clients. View our upcoming webinars »

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    By signing up as a coach, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy Coaches Use Terms of Service

In becoming a 'Registered' coach of you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service").

Being a 'Registered 'Coach via Aligntoday .com

To be named registered, be eligible for a 'no cost' license for your own use and be compensated for the subscriptions you produce you must accomplish the following within the first 45 days of sign-up:

  1. Participate in a 'coaches only' webinar with an Align Advisor
  2. Understand the functionality of Align and be able to support your clients and they use Aligntoday .com

Ongoing Coach Responsibilities

As a registered coach you will receive a free account and a commission based on the number of users in your clients companies that are utilizing In exchange for this you are responsible for the following:

  1. Educating your clients on how to use
  2. Joining webinars with your client if there are 'coaching' needs being covered
  3. Handling basic support when your clients have questions on how to utilize
  4. Ensuring that your clients have added you as their coach on their Company Profile page


Each coach will receive a commission equal to 10% of the amount paid by their clients to Aligntoday. com on a monthly basis. To be eligible for commissions the coach must have done the following:

  1. Been confirmed as a coach (Registered Coach shown in the header when logged in)
  2. Ensure your email is added to My Coach's Info section of the Company Profile page for each of your clients
  3. Be sure your client converts from a trial user to a paying user for

The coach's commission will be paid via PayPal for the prior month's earnings using the email address the coach registers with Aligntoday .com. No other forms of payment are available. There are two alerts sent via email regarding these payments with full instructions of how to setup a PayPal account and receive the funds. If the coach does not setup a PayPal account and accept the payment then it will be returned to and will not be reissued.

Affiliate Link Payments

Each registered coach will have a unique link that they can use to refer their clients and other users to Included in this link will be the affiliate ID assigned to the registered coach so that all users who sign up using this affiliate link can be tracked back to the registered coach. If a company uses the affiliate link to sign up for and transitions to a paying subscriber the coach will be eligible for 10% of the payments collected from the subscriber.

To access the affiliate link you need to login to your own account, hover over the gear menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click on Become an Affiliate. Once there you will see several badges that can be put on your website, in your newsletters or in an email signature as well as the basic links. These badges and links all carry a unique code that is specific to you as the registered coach.

A revenue share will be paid to approved coaches based on a percentage of the fees collected from the business user.

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