Build trust and ownership with goal transparency.

Assign responsibility and share progress for the work that matters all in one place.

Less micromanaging. More collaboration.

Focus on outcomes, not output, with transparent tracking of high-level objectives. Empower employees by clearly defining success and embracing transparency.

Grow your people as you grow your business.

Base performance reviews on what gets done. Create focus and incentivize the work that moves your business forward.

Before Align, people knew generally what they needed to be doing. But Align’s accountability tools are what gave us that extra 20% to really move us forward.”

Ben Gootee, CEO
Create a culture where big objectives get done.

When we started on Align, we wanted to move away from being clock-watchers and micromanagers, toward focusing on results. We wanted a culture with clear accountability for every single person on our team and for everyone to have clear performance indicators. Nobody’s able to hide from the accountability Align provides. That includes me. The entire leadership team holds ourselves accountable, as well.

Align leaves no room to wonder what you should be doing. There’s no guessing. Align’s software and dashboards lay it all out for us so we know what our next steps are toward accomplishing our goals.

Have accountability, go after great people, and give everyone the tools they need to succeed. That’s what Align is.”

Fred Litwiniuk, CEO – Litwiniuk & Co.

Empower your team with the tools in Align.

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