Increase productivity and focus on what matters.

Use Align to manage your business. Growth management tools give you the flexibility to adapt, plan, communicate, and measure progress on a continuous basis.

With your team working together in the same hub, it’s easy to gain visibility on goal progress and build a culture of transparency and accountability.

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When you’re growing fast, it’s easy to get distracted. Align keeps us hyper-focused on our individual and strategic goals.

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Rapid change calls for structure.

Rapid change during growth or disruption can be chaotic. Tools that bring structure and a framework to manage the change are essential for achieving the best outcomes. Having a system for goals, transparency, and accountability keeps your team on track and helps you maintain success in the future.

Align is for you

Align has helped over 2,300 companies worldwide. Our software is proven across all industries. Whether you’re a marketing agency, a software company, a construction company,  a manufacturer or a consultant, our software solutions can help you manage your business. Learn how some of our customers have found success, following good business habits and tracking progress in Align.

Adopt better business habits

Good business habits help businesses meet their goals faster – and habits can be hard to adopt. Software makes it easier.

Align is a hub for strategic plan management and a framework for the habits that ensure goals are set, tracked and met.

Align provides tools to create and communicate shared priorities, help companies visualize, and reinforce strategic goals. The software is built around proven business habits: daily meetings that last no more than 15 minutes, ongoing employee input, and transparent performance tracking.

Key Features

  • Daily & Weekly Huddles

  • Priority Management

  • One Page Strategic Plan

  • eNPS

Align Daily Huddle Meetings

Teams can quickly and easily improve communication flow within your organization by providing updates in a pre-formatted but customizable structure: What’s Up, KPI updates, Stucks, and their Top Priority for the day. Create and manage multiple huddles for essential communication. Huddles are especially helpful in times of high-growth, massive change or for interdepartmental teams, remote workers and geographically distributed teams. Organizations using Align to manage daily and weekly huddles add 48% more priorities and complete 60% more priorities than those who do not participate in huddles.

See top-level company goals and how individual priorities align. Know what everyone’s working on, where their progress is to date, and if that work contributes to the things that matter for the company as a whole. Companies on Align typically see a 2x increase in the number of priorities completed from months 1 to 12. The number of priorities taken on compounds over time as companies hone their execution skills.

Align One Page Plan Yearly Targets

From your company’s Core Purpose and Values, down to Key Initiatives and Goals, everything essential to strategic planning is visible, to promote company-wide alignment.  Creating transparency ensures that everyone knows what work is important and where they should focus. Additionally, teams can create their own strategic plan.

eNPS scores and feedback let you know what’s working and what’s not in your organization. With Align, you can track eNPS scores over time, so you can take action and improve. Employee happiness leads to better outcomes. Companies with 50 or higher eNPS take on more priorities, achieve more goals and complete more tasks than those below 50.

How does it work?

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Unlike task or project management software, Align is specifically built to ease the friction that comes with rapid change. Our tools give you structure to manage huddles, goals and priorities, strategic planning, and critical numbers. Using the software daily gives you a consistent workspace so you form smart habits faster.
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