New Salesforce Integration & Action Item Email Alert

Published On: May 22, 20201.7 min read

Align-Salesforce Integration

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The Align-Salesforce integration is available now to all users! For more information on how to connect, and to watch a demo video, check out the FAQ Page.

Critical Numbers are your company’s heartbeat; they should be accurate, up-to-date and highly visible. The Align-Salesforce integration feeds your Critical Number updates directly from your Salesforce reports.

  • Sync any Critical Number to any Salesforce report metric. Keep your dashboard metrics automatically updated and transparent for your team.
  • One Salesforce user authentication unlocks all your reports for your whole Align team. No new licenses or reports needed.
  • The integration is flexible enough to handle almost any report and metric type in Salesforce, and takes into account all existing filters on reports in the Public Folder.

New Email Alert

  • We overhauled the Weekly Status Priority Update email to be more personalized and actionable. The email now includes the following info:
    • How many Tasks you completed last week, how many you have due this week, and how many are overdue
    • The color status of all your Priorities
    • How many outstanding Stucks you have

This email will continue to be sent on Monday mornings. It was previously called “When a Weekly Status Priority Update is ready“, and is now called “A weekly summary of my action items and progress” in your alert settings.

Your alert settings can be configured on your Profile page

Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with survey results where multiple choice answers with very long text lengths break the results visual.

  • Fixed bug where Task-driven Priorities don’t get included in the “Priorities Behind” Personal Alert based on the new Color Status logic

  • Increase the width of Team dropdown on dashboard and OPSP

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