Top Benefits of a Personalized Company Dashboard

Published On: March 7, 20182.4 min read

These days, a company dashboard is a necessity. A personalized company dashboard allows team members at all levels to view real-time data about their company and how it’s progressing toward its goals. This visual representation of your data can be extremely useful for execs as well as employees in various departments and roles.

3 Benefits of a Personalized Company Dashboard

When your company has a large array of stats and reports, that vast amount of information can be overwhelming, much like the airplane cockpit shown here. In the airplane example, jet pilots have huge amounts of training and education in order to maneuver the various controls and metrics they need to track. When your business has access to tons of data, it can feel daunting to sift through and determine what’s important.

Here’s where a customizable company dashboard comes into play. A personalized dashboard allows you to view all of your data in one place. This business management tool brings clarity and focus to the items that matter in your organization, providing quick insights into your most essential metrics and information.


Align Company Dashboard

Check out the top benefits of a personalized company dashboard and why your team needs one now.

1. View Team Progress

A personalized company dashboard gives you a visual summary of your team’s progress. Visualizing where your team stands in regards to your objectives can be highly motivating for your employees. With a clear end-point in mind, teams can envision exactly what steps they still need to take to execute strategic goals and reach success.

2. Manage Short-term and Long-term Goals

In a customizable dashboard, you can set it up so that smaller projects and tasks ladder up to your organization’s long-term objectives for the quarter or year. This way, employees can see how their individual tasks directly provide value and align with your company’s overall goals. Studies show this transparency improves employee engagement and productivity. Some types of software even allow employees to add, delete, and mark priorities as complete straight from the dashboard.

3. Oversee Persons of Interest

For a team-manager or higher-ranking executive, it can be difficult to keep track of what your team members are doing. You’re in charge of a number of different projects, and things can go by the wayside. With an executive dashboard, you can get a quick report on the team members you manage to see where everyone is at a glance. Use the dashboard to stop micromanaging and redistribute your team’s workload as necessary.

A personalized company dashboard provides you with all of these benefits and more. Use it to stay organized and keep your team on track. 

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