Coronavirus Resilience

Mental Health at Work Resource Guide

The global pandemic has severely worsened the mental health of America’s workforce. According to TotalBrain’s Mental Health Index, risk for depression among U.S. workers has risen an alarming 102% since February of this year.  Most concerning is the impact on […]

Finding Productivity and Sanity with Your Routine During COVID-19

What have you learned about yourself since COVID-19 began?  That was the opening ice-breaker question before Align’s most recent remote quarterly planning session. The question allowed our team to open up about the struggles of staying focused in our new […]

Daily Dose 5/11 with Andy Clayton on Emotional Resiliency for Leaders During Disruption

Entrepreneur, Author, and Petra Europe Coach Andy Clayton shares strategies for leaders managing complex emotions during a time of crisis. Andy shares the framework for taking “emotional and fear inventories”. Andy’s Coaching: Andy’s Upcoming Webinar with Align: