Streamline Your Daily Huddles With Align

If your team is not communicating in a consistent rhythm, it can be difficult for everyone to stay aligned to the same overall company priorities. Many organizations struggle to find a meeting rhythm that allows their team members to maximize their time and retain an efficient flow of information

Daily Huddles with Align bring structure to your daily check-ins and keeps lines of communication open with everyone on the team. Communicate daily around the key priorities in your business.

We would ignore the priorities set in planning meetings. Align was the missing piece in getting things done.

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Communication Tools to Keep your Team on Track

  • Formatted Huddles

  • Alerts and Notifications

  • eNPS

Align Daily Huddle Meetings

Teams can quickly and easily provide updates in a pre-formatted but customizable structure: What’s Up, KPI updates, Stucks, and their Top Priority for the day. Implementing smart communication habits keeps your plan top of mind and your team on track to execute.

Get notified when a teammate is stuck on a task or a project falls behind schedule.

Screenshot of Align Business Software eNPS employee polling tools

eNPS scores and feedback measure employee engagement and overall happiness in your organization. With Align, you can track eNPS scores over time, so you can take action and improve.

Align is more than just software. The habits you develop using Align create a company culture focused on transparency, accountability, open communication and execution.

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