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Organized Daily Huddles

The daily huddle mirrors the meeting format by outputting each huddle members What's Up, KPI update, Short Term Top Priorities, Stucks, and their Top Priority for the day. Individuals can be in multiple huddles and can easily toggle back and forth between them. This page takes care of all the details and moderation which allows you to maximize the effectiveness of the huddle itself.

Easily Create a Huddle Group

Ability to 'name' your huddle and when it will meet. Add all the participants to the group by easily searching and drag and drop arrangement.

Replace the Paper

Ability to 'create' a daily huddle sheet each day. What's up / Short Term Priorities / KPIs / Stucks- Needs / Top Priority for the day. Easily toggle between different huddle groups at the top of the page.

Stucks Overview

You can assign a stuck to another person and they'll receive an alert in the header of every page to make sure it catches their attention. From there they will know exactly what is needed from them so together you can manage this issue to completion.

View Group's Priorities

Track the progress of your groups priorities to see where they stand and if they need help.

Keep Track of Daily Top Priorites

Top Priority for the day is displayed and can be marked complete to know if it's getting done or not.

We love Rockefeller Habits, but hated managing it with Word and Excel. Align proved to be the perfect tool and has dramatically improved the effectiveness of the methodology.

Amith Nagarajan // CEO at Aptify

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