Premium Period Transition

Why would you want to invest in premium transition services?

At the end of each quarter, your company needs to evaluate their goals and targets. Next steps are to focus on the next quarter, implementing and creating new goals and targets. 

This exercise can be a challenge for someone doing it for the first time on Align. Think of it as a muscle that needs to get used to the weight. Luckily, Align has a shortcut to get you jumpstarted in the right direction. 

Based on our analysis of how you used our software, together we will implement the features  in Align that will be the most effective in achieving your company goals. 100% hands-on, we are your strategic software consultants.

Premium Services

What does the Premium services look like in action?

2-3 weeks prior to the new quarter, set up a transition meeting with your Advisor to:

Depending on how much needs to be set up, this process may require two sessions!

Note: Do not wait until the last minute!  These transition sessions do book up fast and we would like to help as many of our customers as possible.  We recommend booking your session 2-3 weeks prior to the new quarter starting. 

What is my Investment?

Step 1: Make a Software Plan

Step 2: 2 Options for Execution of the Software Plan

Option 1 – Ride Along

Investment: $350 per quarterly transition, $199 per additional sessions over the 2 included.

We implement your software plan. The software plan will be broken into phases of implementation.   

Investment: $750 per quarterly transition OR buy 3 quarterly transitions for $2100

NOTE:  Integration setup is not included. Click here to find out more about the integration setup service 

Frequently Asked Questions

Although your Customer Success Advisor is involved with hundreds of clients and are incredibly adept at the various business methodologies and good business habits we support, they are not a business coach! We are happy to partner with your business coach to capitalize on each individual’s expertise appropriately.

A business coach helps with specific business strategy and the content of your strategic plan and related goals. The coach will push you in the right areas and guide you to growing your business based on the training and years of experience they have. A coach will hold you accountable to the specific business strategy you develop together. 

Your Customer Success Advisor is an expert on the Align suite of software.  They are not your business or accountability coach. They are here to make sure you accomplish your goals as it pertains to execution of the software, not building out the content of your priorities or strategic plan.    

As implementers, we will be doing work on behalf of you, the client.  We will be impersonating you to set up your account and therefore will need recordings of all calls to ensure we are compliant with any requests and obtaining appropriate permission to do this work.