OKRs and Align are Your Framework for Growth


If you have goals, you need the right framework and tools in place to meet them. Align is more than an OKR tracking system. Businesses use Align to manage OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), boost employee engagement and build a culture of transparency. Our OKR tool is used by companies looking to disrupt the status quo in their business and meet their goals.

Our OKR software allows you to outline individual objectives, we call them priorities, that ladder up to organizational objectives and to measure performance against those. Read more about incorporating OKRs into your scaling business.

Manage OKRs in Align

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Managing OKRs in Align

  • Cascade Priorities From the Top Down

  • Use KPIs to Measure Performance

  • Create Communication Rhythms

See top-level company priorities, or objectives, and how individual priorities align. Transparent OKR dashboards reinforce the priorities that matter to the company, how they are measured and how each individual’s work is connected to the big picture goals.

Use KPIs to measure the health of ongoing activities that contribute to the overarching priorities. KPIs measure the output of existing items and can be an indicator that a new priority, or objective, needs to be created.

Teams need daily, weekly and monthly communication rhythms for effective OKR management. Huddles enable teams to report on status, opportunities or risks to their priorities. When teams communicate effectively, everyone is engaged and on the same page.

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