Implementation – Fast Start

Why Invest in Premium Implementation & Software Consulting

As an expert on the capabilities of this powerful software, your Align Advisor can better take advantage of each feature to set up your account in the best possible way.  Although many companies are able to do this themselves, bringing in your Advisor in the beginning will give you the jump start to dive in and start using the software faster and more efficiently. 

Let us:

So that you can:

Premium Services

What is the process to for Implementation?

In addition to the standard onboarding that focuses on your strategic approach.

Step 1: Knowledge Transfer

Step 2: Plan Approval & Information share

Step 3: Software Configuration Plan Execution

Please NoteIn order to ensure your account is set up in a timely manner, one revision request is allowed at each approval. This request should be submitted to your advisor in a single email and signed off with a revision addendum. 

What is my Investment?

Although your Customer Success Advisor is doing a lot of the “in the software” work to set up your account, you will be asked to provide detailed information pertaining to your business and strategy.   

Investment: $5000USD per year* includes implementation to jump start your use, 2 additional 30 minute training sessions, and the first premium period transition

* Integrations setup is not included. Click here to find out more about the integration setup service 

Does your company operate better “in person”?  Ask about our “on-site” rates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get started faster with Premium services.

Premium services are offered on top of the onboarding included in your tier.  To view the onboarding services – click here!   

Every account gets a Kickoff Call with their Customer Success Advisor(CSA) as part of the normal onboarding services.  With a premium package, this Kickoff Call will give your CSA the understanding of your company and your software expectations to create the implementation plan.  An additional kickoff style call may be needed for clarification!

Although your Customer Success Advisor is involved with hundreds of clients and are incredibly adept at the various business methodologies and good business habits we support, they are not a business coach! We are happy to partner with your business coach to capitalize on each individual’s expertise appropriately.

A business coach helps with specific business strategy and the content of your strategic plan and related goals. The coach will push you in the right areas and guide you to growing your business based on the training and years of experience they have. A coach will hold you accountable to the specific business strategy you develop together. 

Your Customer Success Advisor is an expert on the Align suite of software.  They are not your business or accountability coach. They are here to make sure you accomplish your goals as it pertains to execution of the software, not building out the content of your priorities or strategic plan.    

Depending on your tier, your setup fees get you standard onboarding. The sessions in this premium implementation service are on top of the services offered in the standard onboarding.  For example, if you are on a 35-tier subscription, you get 2 small group training sessions + 3 onboarding calls + 1 integration consultation. With Premium Implementation you get all of that PLUS your Advisor handling the data input, 2 additional small group training sessions and multiple phase checkin calls (as needed) throughout the configuration plan execution. 

As implementers, we will be doing work on behalf of you, the client.  We will be impersonating you to set up your account and therefore will need recordings of all calls to ensure we are compliant with any requests and obtaining appropriate permission to do this work.