Coach Andy Clayton Made  Software Part of his System

As a business coach, Andy Clayton knows the importance of using a methodology with his clients. Using a proven system to instill change is an effective way to help his clients get results. Andy uses Align to create transparency, accountability and smart communication habits in the businesses he works with.

The tools in Align help Andy lead more productive planning sessions, use data to evaluate progress at the end of each quarter and participate in remote check-ins when he can’t physically be present with them.

It’s much more powerful to come to a client with a system. Align is part of that system.

Andy Clayton
Executive Coach
‐ Petra

Keep the Plan Alive All Quarter Long

When it comes time to assign actions at the end of a strategic planning session, people will write down their own work and say, “Okay, leave that with me.” But more often than not, all that hard work gets passed over during the day-to-day chaos of a growing company. As a coach, you can’t be with your clients every day to ensure they’re focused on what matters.

The Solution

Business coach Andy Clayton uses Align before, during and after strategic planning. It’s part of the toolkit he introduces to potential clients, a powerful visual aid during planning sessions, and the way he keeps track of clients’ progress throughout the quarter.

  • Introduce

  • Commit

  • Check In

  • Learn

Andy uses the Align during the sales process with potential new clients. “It’s much more powerful to come to a client with a system. Align is part of that system.”


During planning session, Andy notices the level of commitment to objectives is much higher with Align. “You can see in their eyes; everyone else can see exactly what they’ve signed up to do.”


Andy uses Align’s reports to know when to check in and help his discussions with CEOs. “You can very clearly see who’s performing; it’s motivating for people.”



With Align, the progress made during the quarter gets recorded so it’s easy to pick up for the next planning session. “It’s the one place I can go for a complete line of sight.”


The Results

Align has made a positive difference in the way Andy coaches his clients and in his training work with smaller companies that are looking to boost their growth.

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Align Platform Features

Align is growth management software for companies and their teams. We provide tools to plan and communicate shared priorities for everyday focus on the right things.


Strategic planning tools

built on proven business methods.


Individual accountability

with priority assignment and performance tracking.


KPIs and critical information

in one company dashboard.


Productive communication

through a meeting structure that forces focus.

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